The Excellent Service Workshop Series


Since 1993, The “Excellent Service Workshop” led by Founder/President Eric Weiss, has been an interactive Service Series focused on the singular goal of improving the quality of service in diversified industries. Designed for both management and front line staffs, the series incorporates role-playing, team building exercises, video filming and critiquing, as well as developing recovery service scenarios with potential solutions. Whether for hotels and restaurants, financial institutions, high-end retailers or department stores, the “Excellent Service Workshop” series is an engaging and dynamic venue customized to the needs of the organization at hand.


Establishing steps and sequence of Excellent Service
Filming and assessing crucial junctures of staff and guest interaction
Developing a true sense of team
Observation and Memory
Remembering Names and Faces
Learning to read each guest
Language: body and verbal
First Impressions
Creating a signature service component
Continuing the momentum of Excellent Service post workshop


Motivating staff to feel more connected to the operation
Decreasing turnover by empowering and inspiring team members
Connecting management to front line employees, building a knowledgeable and solidified team
Creating an operational synergy through the reduction of errors and technical mistakes
Securing market position and increasing revenue through signature, personalized service that captures new clientele and ensures return guests

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